What does #NoPlaceLeft mean? Steve Addison shares.

On the Road
On the Road
What does #NoPlaceLeft mean? Steve Addison shares.

I took a short class to learn how to podcast and one of the assignments was to brainstorm a top 10 list of people you’d like to interview. We were supposed to start with our most ‘gettable’ guest and then guests 9 or 10 would be the difficult ones to track down.  Despite being farther down my list, Steve Addison was kind enough to do an interview and it felt like a perfect fit for my first episode.

Steve is an author of several books on movements, as well as a blogger, podcaster.  He also leads a missionary organization focused on multiplying disciples and churches AND puts the tools he teaches into practice himself. I have been totally spoiled by his interest in jumping in for my first episode.


Show Notes

On the Road Season 1 Episode Rundown

Steve’s blog, podcast, latest book, and the missions agency he leads.

Here is a quick Four Fields overview. Episode 3 explores this in further detail.

This is the Three Circles. Episode 7 has a great story about God using the 3 Circles tool.

Steve’s Podcast episode where he shares about the movement in Texas prisons.

A few places to find training: 1) Contact me. 2) In the US, go here. 3) International, start here.

If you have a question to ask or a story to share, go here and Jump In!

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