Emerging Network Resources

Emerging Network Resources

Once fruit of multiplying disciples begins to emerge, new tools are needed to learn to steward the emerging network. These tools may be unhelpful to share too soon before disciples have the fruit in which to obey and put them into practice. It is helpful to cast vision for multiplying churches and leaders using the resources below from fruitful movement networks such as #NoPlaceLeft, 1BodyChurch, or BigLife.

The 4 Fields of Jesus Strategy

Leadership Development

 Person of Peace Study
“Timothy” Training for Leaders (Coaching Format)–4 Fields Chapter Discovery of Gospels + Acts (worksheet)
Epistles Discovery Tool
Generational Mapping (Gen Mapper | article)
Iron on Iron “IOI” (video)
The 4 Fields Manual  (Espanol)
MAWL (Video | MAWL Map)
–5 Levels of Movement Leadership (Video | Article)
–4 Stages of Movement (Video | Article)
Handy Guide to Healthy Church (Right Hand)
–Catalyzing Movement from Phase 4 (video)
–God’s Mission: Genesis to Revelation (video | audio | handout)
Paul’s Journeys (Training Slides | Case Study)
Swarm Training
Precision Harvesting
–Baptism Hammer (handout)
4 Fields Planning Worksheet for Leaders

Big Picture Vision

Training Formats

Event Trainings (Non-residential)

3 Touch Training Cycle
Gospel Conversations Training (4-8 Hours | Find & Form the Team)
4Fields Intensive Training . (4 Days | Biblical Principles)
Midlevel Training (2-3 Days | Problem Solving)
#NoPlaceLeft Residency for Planters & Missionaries

3 Phases of Movement Resources

-Phase 1 – MULTIPLICATION of Churches: “The 4 Fields of Kingdom Growth” by N. Shank
-Phase 2 – PASTORAL Development: “Foundations for Emerging Leaders” by J. Houk
-Phase 3 – DOCTRINAL Development: “Confessions of the Faith for CPM” by N. Shank

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