On the Road | #NPL | Trailer

On the Road
On the Road
On the Road | #NPL | Trailer

What does No Place Left mean?
Can my church start a movement that would cause the gospel to reach every corner of my city?
Can I?

If you’ve asked any of these questions then On the Road to No Place Left is for you. Join Pheaney as he drives around and talks about how you can pursue No Place Left wherever God has you.

In short episodes, we’ll interview guests that are pursuing movement in their cities, share skills and tools you can put into practice, and always include awesome stories of God at work.

Jump in as we pursue sharing the gospel, making disciples, and reproducing leaders and churches until there is No Place Left where the name of Jesus hasn’t been heard.

Click Here for a rundown of season 1!

Check out ontheroad.link for notes and more.

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