The Four Fields: A Path to #NoPlaceLeft with Tom Hall

On the Road
On the Road
The Four Fields: A Path to #NoPlaceLeft with Tom Hall

How can one church or ministry, even a huge one, fulfill the great commission? The Four Fields is a simple strategy that provides a path to #NoPlaceLeft. Tom Hall of e3 Partners explains.

Show Notes

Tom mentioned his Oikos. Here’s a video explanation of Oikos. And an On the Road Episode.

Four Fields Overview: Video | Chase the River Podcast Episode

Four Fields Manual

A few places to find training: 1) Contact me. 2) In the US, go here. 3) International, start here.

The 3 Circles Gospel Tool: Video | Episode 7 On the Road

e3 Partners

If you have a question to ask or a story to share, go here and Jump In!

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