Entry: Start with your Oikos with Joleene Burts

On the Road
On the Road
Entry: Start with your Oikos with Joleene Burts

Reaching the world with the Gospel starts with our own neighborhood. Hear how God used a simple tool called an Oikos Map and a funny game called Bunco to lead people to faith in Jesus.

Show Notes:

No Place Left Network

Contagious Disciple Making

e3 Partners

Discovery Bible Study (I was so inspired by Joleene talking about this that we’ll have a future episode dedicated to Discovery Bible Studies!)

Gospel Conversation Training: Content Videos | Find a Training

Make your own Oikos Map Video

Art of Neighboring

Episode #5 is about 3 questions that can help you move a conversation from Casual to Meaningful, Spiritual and the Gospel

Three Thirds: Video | On the Road Episode

Just for fun: Oikos | Bunco

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