One Year On the Road… Plus…

On the Road
On the Road
One Year On the Road... Plus...

It’s been one year since I’ve launched the podcast On the Road to #No Place Left. A huge thanks to everyone who has listened, (nearly 10,000 downloads!) and even bigger praise for those of you who have grabbed an insight or tool or challenge and done something with it.

I’m here to serve you, the person out there sharing the Gospel, making disciples and reproducing leaders and churches, so thanks for letting me do that!  What follows is a conversation with two new podcasters in the movement and no place left world. You’ll hear a little more background about On the Road, but also find out about two awesome new podcasts that are great resources.


Show Notes:

Mary’s Live Ten O Two Podcast:

Rodger’s The Mission of God Podcast:

Mary was on a previous episode of On the Road: Commands of Christ.

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