Bill Smith on Movement Leaders

On the Road
On the Road
Bill Smith on Movement Leaders

Jeff Sundell interviews Bill Smith about movement leaders. Bill shares some great insights on what to look for in a movement leader, a very clear warning for leaders, and a story from Wuhan that doesn’t involve COVID-19.


Show Notes:

I took some sporadic notes on what Bill was saying below. You’ll be better to listen to it yourself, but if you want quick snapshot, here is what Bill looks for in movement leaders:

They are genuinely saved.

They have a sense of the lostness of others and God’s heart for lostness. They grieve over lostness at some level, even just their own family or village.

They are people that are continually learning.

They are doers: people that are doing something and want to accomplish something in their life.

They have suffered to get something. They have been tested and are passing the test.

It is someone that you can connect with, spiritually, interpersonally, etc. There is a chemistry with their mentor. Sometimes you can pass people off to others that they will have a better connection with.

They are people that say: “I’ve done what God had asked. What’s next?”

Here are some thoughts from Bill on developing leaders:

When you’re face to face with someone, be all in on that person for that time. Ask God: What does that person need from me for their next step?

Depend on God to bring others into their lives for those next steps.


This episode is open source. If you would like a copy of the audio file to distribute on your own channel, please contact me.

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