4 Week Virtual Disciple Maker Training

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WEEK 1: Vision & Pathway

WEEK 2: Abiding & Oikos

WEEK 3: Gospel Tools

WEEK 4: Discipleship Tools

Week 1: Vision & Pathway

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Week 1: Key Resources

Rewatch a video of disciple making pathway we trained, called the 4 Fields of Kingdom Growth.

DOWNLOAD The Disciple Making Training Packet

Download the training packet with all the content we will train in this virtual training.

WARNING: The secret sauce is NOT in the content. The tools themselves are not the key to seeing multiplying disciples. The key is in learning how to use them in a community of practice. You will ONLY get that by joining for the training.

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The Multiplying Disciples Team.

Week 1: Coaching Checkpoint

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__ READ through the training packet (click here)

__ PRAY about which 3 (or more) friends to train in the disciple making tools you're learning

__ INVITE: send a message and/or call to potential group members to see if they are interested: “Hey NAME, I would love to share some discipleship tools with you I am learning. Are you free to connect?”

Progress After Checkpoint

Coaching Tip

Obedience is key to reaching your City through multiplying disciples. As coaches, we are committed to helping those that take action on what they learn.

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