Travis at Movement Church

On the Road
On the Road
Travis at Movement Church

What do you want to multiply?


Show Notes:

Season 2 On the Road: Covocational Stories

Lessons Travis shared:

Don’t misdiagnose disobedience. Instead of disobedience, it could be a lack of confidence in them and a lack of adequate modeling from you.

Discipleship happens best in the context of church.

Leaders need to be high-level practitioners, they need to model like crazy, and they need to have a lot of patience.

Be the person of peace. Be the fourth soil person. As Kumar would say: “I’m never going to invite someone into my home to eat a meal, that I’m not willing to eat also.”

Allow multiple generations of disciples in one church.

Two Church strategy: As people launch out to start a new church, keep them part of the original body until they have a healthy new church. Don’t push people out too quickly.

Always filter someone’s faith with the Gospel. Until you share the Gospel with someone, assume you don’t know what they believe. (Even if they call themselves a Christian, go to church, etc.)

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