Three Touches of Training with Dave and Kirk

On the Road
On the Road
Three Touches of Training with Dave and Kirk

I know I’m often left with this question as I try to pursue movement: What do I do now? How do I really get started putting this into practice for myself and my church? Listen to Dave & Kirk share about a simple training rollout plan.

Show Notes

Here is a further explanation of some common “No Place Left” tools that were mentioned:

Red Lights, Green Lights, and Yellow Lights

Three Thirds (from a pastor in Texas implementing movement principles)

Three Circles

Here’s an interview with a pastor from California on the Movements Podcast.

(Did you see what I did there? There are churches in Texas, California and Ohio all implementing movement principles. It can work in your church too!)

Check out all of Season 1 of On the Road for more interviews on simple tools to pursue #No Place Left.

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