Season 4: Stories from $0 Churches

On the Road
On the Road
Season 4: Stories from $0 Churches

What does it look like to see God birth new churches among lost people?

All around America there are bonafide living and breathing churches, filled with disciples of Jesus. These disciples used to be far from God. And these churches have cost nothing to start. Many of them are reproducing.

In On the Road Season 4, we’ll be sharing stories of God working in and through these $0 churches. I can’t wait to learn together about the amazing work God is doing and how we can join him in it.

The first part of Season 4 will be multiple interviews to help us better see those churches. Most of us can picture and even feel what church in a building at 10 am on Sunday is like. I’m hoping to help us better understand what simple churches look and feel like. Along the way, we’re going to learn a ton about what God is doing today.

After those interviews, I’m hoping to put together a work with the lessons learned. I’m not sure what that will look like yet. It may be an audio documentary, a series of podcast episodes, a book of some sort, or just a one-page article. Regardless of the end product, I want to pull together the lessons learned so we can better understand and celebrate how God is working.

There are a lot of people and places we could learn from, but I want to filter down to churches with the following criteria:

They are autonomous churches, not cell groups.

They are in a western context.

They are made up primarily of people who were not following Jesus before the church came together.

As already stated, I’ll be looking for low to no-cost churches.

In addition, I’ll be looking for if the church is reproducing disciples and birthing new churches.

I hope you’ll jump into Season 4 and learn with me. You can subscribe in the podcast app of your choice. If you’d like episodes, blog posts and the finished work of lessons learned from $0 churches delivered to your inbox, use a sign-up form at to get everything delivered to your email inbox.

Thanks for listening. Stay tuned for our first conversation on these $0 churches.

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