Season 3: What do movement leaders look like?

On the Road
On the Road
Season 3: What do movement leaders look like?

Due to the ever changing normal we all find ourselves in, I’m launching a new season of my On the Road to No Place Left podcast. I’m going to be working with Jeff Sundell to interview a handful of people on these two questions –

What does a movement leader look like?

How do we develop him or her into their God-given potential?


Logistically this is a pause right in the middle of Season 2 of On the Road. I still have more than a dozen interviews to publish with people pursuing No Place Left without getting paid for it. Those are still coming.

Because of the timing of the coronavirus and the urgency of pursuing No Place Left… that every people and every place would be engaged with the Gospel by 2025… we’re going to jump in and do it.

One last thing, everything in No Place Left is open source. So if you want the original audio from the interviews to share on your own channels, reach out and let me know.

Be sure to subscribe as the first interview will be out soon.

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