How to Identify Elders in the Messy Middle

How to Identify Elders in the Messy Middle

Mark and Dave discusses the role and process of identifying elders in the growth and health of a church. They argues that the appointment of elders is a necessary step for a church’s survival, while emphasizing the strategic function of ambiguity in Acts 13-14. Mark and Dave share their personal experience and highlight the importance of recognizing individuals’ natural ability to lead and provide direction, and end by encouraging churches to use specific tools and methods to identify healthy growth and sustainable development.

*** Show Notes and Resources ***

Mark’s Eldering Plan:
1 – Elders emphasize and model relational before organizational
2 – Elders facilitate quarterly church wide health assessment and group goal setting
3 – Elders are identified as those who provide leadership generally but especially in leading the church in #1 and #2

👉 Church health assessment:
👉 Elder Qualifications Tool:

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