How Jesus Multiplied Muddy Boots Leaders

How Jesus Multiplied Muddy Boots Leaders

Jesus was a muddy boots leader that raised up an army from out of the harvest. His investment deeply into a few unfolded in a key stages: Identify, Equip, Invest, and Entrust. In the episode we look at the first chapter of the gospel of Mark to examine keys to unlock the strategy of Jesus and better understand how to follow His muddy boots leadership development.

Study Questions:
• Identify: What activities was Jesus doing to find potential leaders? What was His filter for who was qualified?
• Equip: How did Jesus equip His leaders for the ministry?
• Invest: How did Jesus invest into His leaders’ ongoing development?
• Entrust: When and how did Jesus entrust the Kingdom mission to His disciples?

Passages Studied:
• Mark 1:9
• Mark 1:14-15
• Mark 1:16-18
• Mark 1:21
• Mark 1:27-28
• Mark 1:29-34
• Mark 1:35-39
• Mark 3:13-15
• Acts 6:3-4

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