Gospel: Two Kingdoms

On the Road
On the Road
Gospel: Two Kingdoms

“I’ve come to realize there are two kingdoms…” Check out this episode for a clear, simple way to share the Gospel.


Show Notes:

Video of Two Kingdoms

Austin’s training video

An extra note from Austin: “In Luke 23:40-43 we see the thief on the cross with Jesus say the only sinner’s prayer we see clearly in the bible. And we know He is with Jesus based on what He said/believed. He says, “Lord, remember me when you come into your Kingdom.” That’s it! And Jesus says “Today you’ll be with me in paradise.” So if you break down what he’s saying it’s really, “Lord” (I Believe you’re King so I’m calling you Lord) and “Remember me when you come into your Kingdom” (I want you to be my King because I want to be in your Kingdom). Pretty amazing and simple.”

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