David Garrison on Movement Leaders

On the Road
On the Road
David Garrison on Movement Leaders

David Garrison, Executive Director of Global Gates and author of Church Planting Movements, chats with Jeff Sundell recognizing and developing movement leaders.


Show Notes:

Here are the twelve characteristics of Movement Leaders that David gives.

They have a Magnificent Obsession: Movement leaders “see it before they see it.”

They have a “My People syndrome”: They adopt an unreached people group as their own people.

They have a WIGTake (What’s It Gonna Take?) worldview rather than a “What am I good at?” way of thinking.

They are lateral thinkers: They learn from failures and keep seeking another way to solve problems.

They never take no for an answer when it comes to reaching their people for Jesus.

Ruthless evaluation: The strategy and tactics change as they pursue the vision. They set aside things that don’t work.

They recognize this is God’s work, not their work. They see themselves as the ant that rides the elephant across a river.

They know how the story ends. The promise of Revelation 5:9 is true.

It’s not about them. It’s about God’s glory and seeing Christlikeness multiply among unreached people.

God can hit straight with a crooked sticked. Movement leaders don’t fall out of heaven, but rise up out of hell. Things can be messy. God will work in unexpected ways.

This is about the whole body of Christ fulfilling the great commission, not just one church or denomination. Look for super-spreaders scattered throughout the body of Christ.

God never places an order that he doesn’t pay for. This isn’t a fools errand. We are joining God in his work.

Find out more about Global Gates here.

David Garrison wrote Church Planting Movements and A Wind in the House of Islam.

This episode is open source. If you would like a copy of the audio file to distribute on your own channel, please contact me.

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