Announcing Season 5: Legacy Church

On the Road
On the Road
Announcing Season 5: Legacy Church

Welcome to On the Road Season 5.

This season is focused on established churches and the pastors that work at them. I want you, pastors and churches, to deeply consider the question: What legacy will our church leave?

“There’s something about the model and the pressure on a pastor in America that is impossible to fulfill…”

“…the biggest barrier I feel is is there’s a fear of changing something.”

“… the local church pastor has a stewardship to shepherd, and that needs to be held in high regard…”


Maybe you’re just kicking the tires on the idea of movement and trying to wrap your brain around how your church could multiply disciples and reach the lost. You’ll hear from several other pastors that have gone on the same journey.

Maybe you’ve tried a couple of things and are in the ‘fall on your face stage’ and just need some encouragement. I hope you’ll find that here.

Or maybe you’re committed to the task of reaching the lost, and multiplying disciples, churches, and leaders out of your existing church and this can be a place where you find others to help you persevere.

Whatever you’re looking for, I promise you’ll hear stories of God doing amazing things.

What legacy will our church leave?

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