7 Phases Tool: How to Track Engagement

7 Phases Tool: How to Track Engagement

In this episode, Mark and Dave share a tool for tracking engagement progress and unpack how we have used it in our contexts. Download the tool below and check out information on the upcoming Unreached Peoples Conference this September.

*** Show Notes and Resources ***

👉7 Phases of Engagement: https://bit.ly/3IHACdD
👉7 Phases Tracking Tool (Google Spreadsheet): https://bit.ly/3SUsLyp. Open on a desktop computer to use the tool. (Icons will not load correctly on a mobile phone version)

👉5 T’s Strategy Coordinator Series: https://bit.ly/3xpZH7V
👉Unreached Peoples Conference (Sept 28-30). Learn more at https://www.unreachedpeoples2023.com/

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