30 Days in the Harvest

On the Road
On the Road
30 Days in the Harvest

A hallmark of #NoPlaceLeft is a continued focus on lostness, both at home and abroad. Thirty Days in the Harvest is a great way to start and keep that focus.


Jay and Brian encourage and challenge us to start with the lost when we venture into ministry as it will set the tone for our days and schedule.

Other Notes:

Bryan was on the Movements Podcast with Steve Addison.

Check out the “411” tool that Brian and Jay reference.

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More on 30 Days in the Harvest:

An interview from Steve Addison

Troy Cooper’s explanation

My personal experience

Dave in Ohio with a video series on his harvest experience

Check out all of Season 1 of On the Road for more interviews on simple tools to pursue #No Place Left.

Listen to this and other On the Road podcast episodes at ontheroad.link/podcast.

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