11 Characteristics of Catalysts Unpacked With Emanuel Prinz

11 Characteristics of Catalysts Unpacked With Emanuel Prinz

Dave and Mark sit down for a conversation with an author who is both a practitioner and researcher to unpack 11 characteristics of movement catalysts that have emerged from his research into movement leaders. His name is Emanuel Prinz and he’s just released a new book entitled Movement Catalysts: Profile of an Apostolic Leader. Listen as we ask Emanuel questions like: can these characteristics be learned? And how important is the catalyst versus his or her methods or context?

*** Show Notes and Resources ***

• Listen to Steve Addison’s interview with Emanuel: https://bit.ly/3rDU1Ed
• Listen to Pheaney’s interview with Emanuel: https://bit.ly/3SMyKEg
• Emanuel’s blog – https://bit.ly/3yuuFfM
• The book: Movement Catalysts: https://amzn.to/3SIjQyN
• Connect with Emanuel on Linked In – https://bit.ly/3RILE51

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