Gospel: Share your Story in 15 Seconds

On the Road
On the Road
Gospel: Share your Story in 15 Seconds

A recovering alcoholic walks into a bar… 

If this was a joke, you probably think you know it ends.

Check out this episode of On the Road to #NoPlaceLeft for how God used a simple tool called a 15 Second testimony… in a bar… to save a recovering alcoholic.


Show Notes

You can meet your future spouse at a training. 🙂 Find some here: 1) Contact me. 2) In the US, go here. 3) International, start here.

Video to help you make your 15 second testimony.

Three Circles Gospel Tool: Video | On the Road episode

Story of the Demoniac: Mark 5:1-20

If you have a question to ask or a story to share, go here and Jump In!

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